Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tourette's Syndrome...

Ok, I know this is far away from the normal content of my blog but I felt I wanted to share this.

I missed the documentary that was on BBC 1 last week about John Davidson who was first followed by the BBC in the late 80's. I had seen the previous two documentaries and little did I know that his story would play such a huge part in my own life. I was so happy when I was able to watch the programme by using BBCiPlayer...

John Davidson has Tourette's Syndrome a neurological disorder that causes tics, in his case quite violent tics which make him, among other things, shout and swear, these tics are totally involuntary and he has absolutely no control over them.

My own son Josh was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome aged was from watching documentaries such as the one on John Davidson that gave me the information I needed to realise that there was something with Josh that wasn't 100% right. It took a long hard fight, 7 years in total, but eventually my son received a diagnosis and the help and support from the experts that we so desperately needed!

If you missed the documentary on BBC One, 9:00pm Thursday 28th May 2009 then you can watch it again by following this link Tourette's: I Swear I Can't Help It

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  1. I missed this too Nicky, and have a son with ASD so I was really sad to miss it. Will catch it on iplayer.