Monday, 13 September 2010

Moving My Blog...

I'd like to let all my 'followers' know that I'm moving my blog to my website. Apparently it is better for business to have your blog attached to your website domain name :s all a bit technical, sorry!

If you'd like to continue following my ventures, please feel free to follow me over to my website you're more than welcome!

I'm hoping that I'll be a bit better at updating from now on too...

Look forward to seeing you over at Enchanted...don't forget to leave me some comments and sign my guestbook when you visit.

Thanks guys x

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Making Jewellery Magazine...

I promised to show you more of my magazine work. I've had my projects featured in quite a few magazines since my last post about it so here are some pictures for you to look at.

For those of you who don't get Making Jewellery, you should really get yourself a copy! Its full of fantastic projects for you to have a go at ranging from the simplest to some really amazing advanced designs. There are always plenty of giveaways and some great info and tips.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Minx HQ is Now OPEN...

Has it really been so long since I updated this thing!! I must apologise to my followers for being such a poor blogger!

Where do I start?....
Magick Minx HQ...
Remember I told you about Minx HQ? Well...ITS OPEN!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeee

After a long delay, Magick Minx HQ Teaching Studio is finally open and it looks absolutely FANTASTIC!! We have a diary full of workshops open for bookings, take a look at the Magick Minx website I've been working hard on it but it's still under construction at the moment, to see the range of workshops available.

Here's Head Minx aka Leigh Armstrong

...and Minxette me!!

We'll be working together to bring you some of the best PMC workshops in the country, along with jewellery making workshops and loads of other great stuff including Steampunk, chainmaille and resin.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Ooops!! I forgot to blog...AGAIN!

Well it's been a couple of months since I blogged...yet again! I'm not very good at keeping up with this so please accept my apologies if you've been stopping by expecting new and exciting things.

As promised in my last post, here is my news from the 2010 Flame Off (well, better late than never).
Day 1 - 9am I was picked up somewhere along the A5 by my friend Debs of SilverArtz it took us about 50 minutes to arrive at Towcester Racecourse(above) where we met up with Elise another friend of ours from Beadazzled by Elise.

This was the first time I'd been to the Flame Off and as a total bead addict I was open mouthed as I walked through the doors to be surrounded by gorgeous artisan lampwork beads, they were everywhere!! God, was my purse gonna get a bashing...

After a much needed coffee, we headed out into the marquee where there were work benches set up with different types of lampworking torches, glass rods and all the things you needed to make a bead. Now it was time to 'hog' a torch and have a go!!
This is Debs(right) giving me my very first lesson on how to make a bead...and Elise's first play on a torch (left).

...and here is my first ever bead...made by my own fair hands!! I was pretty chuffed with it as well.
It was a really busy first day with lots of demo's to see including Sabine Little's fantastic rose demo. There were also lots of beads to buy with stalls from Sarah Bedwell of Flame Force Five, Sabine Little of Little Castle Designs and Kate Sullivan of Sublime Beads to name but a few.

Day one was finished nicely with a meal in a chinese restaurant where we met up with Sooz and a few others from the Bead Buddies forum before heading back to the Travel Lodge for a good nights kip ready to do it all again on day 2...

Day 2 - The highlight of day two for me was watching Lorna Prime of Pixie Willow Designs demo. Lorna's work is amazing and to see her make one of her trademark beads has made me appreciate her work even more. I even ended up with one of her practise beads much to the envy of my friends, which is staying firmly in my stash!!

I spent most of day two on the torches and made lots of beads, I completely lost myself in the flame for 2 hours at one point. My stash of lampwork beads that I made during the two days(right)

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2010 Flame Off and can't wait to go again next year!! I'd recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting out in the lampworking field, lampworking is an expensive hobby to start out. You need specialist tools and equipment and the Flame Off is the ideal opportunity to 'try before you buy'

Sunday, 25 April 2010

WOW It's been months since I blogged...

So sorry for neglecting my blog!

I have been soooo busy the last few months that I've hardly had time to breathe...

My Exciting News

At the end of January I was approached with an amazing opportunity. Leigh Armstrong, a Senior PMC Instructor, of Magick Minx Productions asked me if I would be interested in working alongside her when her new studio opened. Of course I said YES, YES, YES...How could I turn down such a fantastic offer? The new studio is due to open its doors in May!! I'm soooo excited, it's going to be amazing.

Magick Minx HQ is actually part of Creative Hinckley, a new initiative for my local town centre. A derelict, listed factory building has been totally revamped into a fantastic development. Part of this development has been turned into studio space for the use of local artists and craftspeople. This is where myself and Leigh will be based. The rest of the development will provide exhibition and gallery space, performance and rehearsal space, retail and a café bar area, conference and meeting space and general office units for start-up and growing enterprises.

I have already started work on composing some workshops for Enchanted @ Magick Minx, I will tell you more about this when I have definite dates and details. I will also be completing the PMC Certification anytime soon. I'm gonna be busy, busy, busy...but...I promise to try and keep my blog up to date from now on.

More Exciting News

This year saw me become a regular designer for British jewellery making magazine, Making Jewellery. So far this year I've had three of my designs published and have submitted many more for future issues. I will give you regular updates on my magazine journey here.
I can't tell you how uplifting it is to actually see your work in print alongside your name and photo...I was quite dumbfounded when my first piece was published and I had people saying to me that they loved my piece in Making Jewellery this month. Wow, can this really be happening to me!!??
Well I think that's about it for tonight...I still need to tell you about the 2010 Flame Off which I went to last weekend, but I'll save that for next time.