Friday, 10 July 2009

Mission Complete...

In my last post I mentioned that I'd been working on a massive PMC commission. Well I'm happy to tell you that this comMISSION is Complete!!

My objective was to produce 46 bunches of grapes out of PMC.

These grapes were to create keepsakes for the ladies and gents that have worked with St Barnabas Primary School in Portishead, which sadly has been forced to close. It was decided that the ladies were to receive a necklace and the guys would receive a keyring. The bunch of grapes being the school emblem.

After working for over a month on the project it was great to finally have the whole 'bunch' of 45 pieces gift boxed and complete ready to go yesterday. The keepsakes will be presented on Monday as a gift from the Friends of St Barnabas.

The pendants in their pre-fired state...PMC is an amazing medium. Tiny particles of fine silver mixed with an organic binder to create the clay. Upon firing at temperatures of around 1000c the binder is burnt off to leave 99% pure silver.

The pendants post-firing. They have now been brushed off with a wire brush, after brushing the silver has what's called a brushed satin finish. To get the grapes to a high shine I placed them in a tumbler machine for 4 hours and finished by hand polishing with a silver cloth.

The completed product. 35 were placed on a sterling silver chain for the ladies and 11 placed on a sterling silver split ring for the gents.

What a thoughtful and unique way to say thank you...I do hope the people of St Barnabas Primary School enjoy their gift as much as I enjoyed creating them.


  1. What a unique keepsake those people are going to get. How did you make the grapes - did you design a mould?

  2. What a lovely idea, they look great!

  3. Thanks for your comments :O)
    Jo, I found a cake decorating mould on ebay which was perfect! The best bit is this commission was all thanks to Misi...there was a cry for help in the forum and I replied to it and got the job. My first PMC commission and I was thrilled!!

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