Friday, 11 September 2009

I've Been Playing with PMC...

I've been really enjoying my PMC lately. I've made lots of new pieces including the pendant here, which was a commission.

This is a beautiful ivy leaf pendant with a butterfly applique.

I was really happy with how this large toggle clasp turned out. It seems that I'm kind of using a floral, leafy and insect theme in all of my PMC designs and I love using the applique method. It's fiddly and intricate but I love the way the finished pieces look.

This has to be my favourite piece yet! It's a huge fancy clasp, with a large 'S' shaped hook which fits into a loop on the back of the leaf. The leaf has a cute lil ladybug and a pretty butterfly resting on it. This is a really chunky bit of silver but is still very delicate and would enhance any piece of jewellery.

This piece is mine!! I wanted to make myself something to wear and chose a ring...I'd been wanting to have a go at a ring for a while but was a little apprehensive because I've heard that they can be quite tricky to make, so thought making myself one would give me the ideal opportunity to attempt it without wasting a lot of silver if it went wrong!

Well it was difficult and fiddly, only because getting the measurements perfect is a science all in itself!! I got it just right it fit my finger loosely, to allow for shrinkage upon firing and I was really chuffed with it.

It was fired in the kiln and I was quite confident that it would be fine...hmm... seems I didn't allow enough for shrinkage! It was far too small for the finger I wanted it for, I wasn't a happy bunny :O(

But all was not lost, I've now added a little bit more clay to the shank, refired and it now fits my other finger perfectly. It's not a perfect finish, but it's mine and I made it and I'm dead proud of myself for that!!

NOTE TO SELF: Measure correctly next time! ;O)

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