Sunday, 22 August 2010

Minx HQ is Now OPEN...

Has it really been so long since I updated this thing!! I must apologise to my followers for being such a poor blogger!

Where do I start?....
Magick Minx HQ...
Remember I told you about Minx HQ? Well...ITS OPEN!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeee

After a long delay, Magick Minx HQ Teaching Studio is finally open and it looks absolutely FANTASTIC!! We have a diary full of workshops open for bookings, take a look at the Magick Minx website I've been working hard on it but it's still under construction at the moment, to see the range of workshops available.

Here's Head Minx aka Leigh Armstrong

...and Minxette me!!

We'll be working together to bring you some of the best PMC workshops in the country, along with jewellery making workshops and loads of other great stuff including Steampunk, chainmaille and resin.


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