Friday, 3 April 2009


I had a disaster this week...

I've been having trouble with my laptop for a few months now and after too many phone calls to and from Microsoft to try and sort out the corrupt files that had somehow found their way into my system it was finally decided that I would need to do a factory reset!! Yes, a full system restore!!

Not to worry! I was prepared, and backed up all my important files and documents onto discs (or so I thought)

I did the system restore...finally got my laptop up and running again and was ready to load the backed up files on to my computer.

All fine and dandy?...NO!!

Documents - Fine
Files - Fine
Family photos - Fine
Jewellery photos - VANISHED!!!!

OH MY GOD!! 5 whole years worth of photographs of my work gone...the disc that I'd saved my Enchanted photos to was completely blank!!

Now what??

Well luckily, I had a previous back up disc which has some older work on it. Thank god for Flickr, Facebook and Photobucket where I had uploaded some of my more recent work...

...but unfortunately a whole lot of photos have been lost.

The moral of this story: Always make sure your back up discs work before doing a system restore on your computer

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