Monday, 13 April 2009

Spring is in the Air...

It's been really bright and sunshiney here for the last few days and i'm happy to say it bought me a little bit of inspiration back.

I've been busy making handbag charms which seemed to sell really well at my last sale and have always been really popular on my website.

I've also made a couple of affordable charm bracelets in bright and cheery colours just in time for the spring that has just about sprung.

I love spring, don't you just love to see the daffodils and spring flowers in full bloom?

It's great to see the trees getting their new buds and the birds hunting for their nest making materials...

I also enjoy all the chocolate that the easter bunny brings ;o)

You can find all of my new spring creations at the Enchanted website or in my Misi shop

I also have to tell you I was a runner up in the Misi Easter Egg Hunt last week...

I was chuffed to bits to see that one of my prizes was a custom made bunny by Rennegurumi which I have had on my Misi wish list for ages now.

If you think she's as cute as I do you can buy your own Rennegurumi bunny or other gorgeously cute character by Irina at her Misi shop Rennegurumi

I also won one of these beautiful bunny pendants by Zoe Woods Collage Jewellery, another talented artist who sells her creations on Misi. To see Zoe's full range of gorgeous pendants, brooches and jewellery visit her Misi shop Zoe Woods Collage Jewellery

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  1. I love love love that pink bracelet. I love the flower ones, strange as I am a brown green must be bringing out the girly in me