Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blog Layout

I've just spent a few minutes changing the layout of my blog...I think it looks much better now!

I picked up my PMC and tools yesterday, now I'm scared to use it lol

I really wish I had a workshop/studio where I could have separate work areas for the different things I do. One for PMC and a different one for my beading would be soooo much better! I also want to give lampworking a try eventually, if I get on ok with it then I will just HAVE to buy all the lampworking kit as well so will need another work area for that ;O)

Well that's my dream, maybe one day it will come true!!

1 comment:

  1. I think your pmc work is smashing. I need a workshop too. At the moment I'm working in the utility room! This is ok until one of the boys dumps his dirty games kit on something I'm working on - or Mick drops some nasty, oily thing on my drying artclay!!!!
    I can have the loft, which is a proper room, it just needs painting and the beams need staining. Doesn't sound much does it? Trust me, it's a massive job and I just can't face it! Love your blog. Jx