Friday, 6 March 2009

Fed Up

I'm so fed up of feeling ill now!

It feels like I've been constantly ill with some bug or another since before Christmas! I've had stomach pains for 2 days now, and spent the whole day today on the settee :O(

So nothing really to blog about, sorry...I haven't made anything, or listed anything.

BUT, I did have some gorgeous lampwork beads arrive from the US this morning...they were such a bargain I just HAD to have them!! Need to contact the seller tho' cos she charged me $11 postage and it only cost $3...what a liberty!


  1. poor you! Hope you feel better soon. have a good rest! :-) xxx

  2. Are you feeling better hun?

  3. Nah no better Zoe...I'm trying to get an appt. today at the docs, our docs are useless and it may be some time before I can get one so fingers crossed! I'm no doctor, but, I think I've got Glandular fever. I've looked on net doctor and have all the symptoms. Will soon find out...hopefully lol

    Thanks for your thoughts Jo x