Sunday, 29 March 2009

My First Craft Fair of 2009

Well I wasn't expecting great things as it was only a small village fundraising event, but, this fair was a nightmare to say the least...I'm so glad it was a cheap table and I did thankfully make the table fees back.

I do apologise in advance if I offend anyone but this story has to be told...

I turned up at the fair and started looking to find my table, I thought there's a funny whiff in the air here...but thought it was just cos it was a kind of church hall sorta place!

I got to my table and the smell was even stronger!

I glanced over to the table next to me and I nearly died...I am no snob and I know some people are not like everyone else BUT this couple were the cause of the foul smell in the air...they were absolutely filthy, their fingernails were black, they had matted greasy hair that obviously hadn't seen a hairbrush or shampoo for years, they were wearing filthy clothes with very old stains and they absolutely stunk AND I MEAN STUNK!! I actually thought it was Lou and Andy from Little Britain, but it was 2 women...

Can you imagine the look on my face when they filled their stall...with HOMEMADE CAKES!!!!!! Me and my Mum(who came with me for support) looked at each other in disbelief...and do you know the best bit?? They actually sold some! People were actually buying their cakes!!

I was thinking 'ARE YOU MAD!!!'

Aren't there any kind of health regulations for selling cakes at fairs??

Would you have bought cakes from someone that looked totally unhygienic and quite obviously smelt so awful??

To top it all, the tables were tiny and I couldn't get half of my things on it so overall I wasn't amused.

Oh well, it can only get better...can't it??


  1. That's shocking! I can't believe people actually bought cakes from them!!!!!!!

  2. erk!!! I think there are loads of certificates they should have if they are making food to sell, and sounds like they would fail them! The organisers should have asked, doesn't sound like a very well run event at all!